I acquired my first standard poodle for pet therapy. She served in that capacity at Mayo Children’s Psych Ward for over 6 years and many visits! We also got a taste of agility with Sasha. She lived almost to the age of 17 with my brothers family, and left big shoes to fill when she walked over the rainbow bridge. My miniature poodle Louie (GRCH MACH Kamann’s Silver Surfer THD…) was my first show dog in the AKC breed ring and agility, and was also my first GCH and MACH. Both dogs were very involved with numerous pet therapy facilities and logged over 1300 visits.  Since then, we have many produced many healthy performance, show, therapy and companion dogs. I have since retired all my standard poodles.

Prior to Standard and Miniature Poodles, we had Golden Retrievers. A colleague recommended a Havanese when my husband’s Golden Retriever died at an early age of 7. Havanese came highly recommended as a “Golden Retriever personality in a small non shedding, exuberant, happy go lucky package!”  “Twix” was our first Havanese that I had the privilege of owner handling to her GCH and the first Havanese to own my husband’s heart. 

GCH, MACH, PACH, UDX,  service, therapy,  hunt, show, companion, obedience, trick dogs are just a few of the many accomplishments that we have been able to witness from dogs we have bred,

We strive for breed preservation reflecting AKC standards and ensure health with testing recommended by OFA. Health and soundness and correct type in our dogs are a priority.  Beauty is the bonus.

I am a member with the North Star Havanese Club, Havanese Club of America, and Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club.

We are passionate about our dogs and hope you enjoy perusing the photos. Join us in our Facebook Group, Adelheid Poodles and Havanese and Friends, to watch pups grow, clients’ accolades and achievements and a friendly environment for Havanese and Miniature Poodle conversation and education.

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“Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!”